Make a Good Lasting Impression with some Hilarious Wedding Jokes!

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the guests sat for about 2 hours just waiting for the bride and groom to arrive from the wedding ceremony? Everyone is chatting among themselves and wondering when on God’s green earth will these... newlyweds (that’s not the word I was thinking of) arrive. Some are murmuring, "Don’t they know people are hungry? Geez." Others are saying, "They are still doing the photo shoot."

Finally, they arrive in their artistically decorated, gloss white, air-conditioned limousine, hand in hand and beaming with smiles to the rapturous applause of hungry green monsters—their guests. After 10 minutes of cheers, laughter and smiles, everyone settles down "belly in hand".

The Master of Ceremonies comes to the mike to begin the evenings program. Preoccupied with his role and oblivious to the fact that the guests have been waiting forever, he introduces himself and thanks everyone for being a part of this wonderful occasion—the wedding reception of Jack and Jill.

He goes on to talk for another 20 minutes about when he first met Jack in Timbuktu, roaming the desert during the wet months in the West African nation of Mali. By this time most of the guests are bored to death and barely surviving on this morning’s breakfast. Obviously, this is not the way Jack and Jill envisioned their wedding reception to be, nor would you.

Proper planning is the key to a successful wedding reception. From the time the bride and groom arrive at the reception, the MC takes over. He is the captain of the ship. He directs and controls everything from the mike. He must enlighten and entertain the guests with his witty one-liners and hilarious wedding jokes between the introduction of the various guest speakers. Clean, funny, side-splitting wedding jokes are a MUST for every MC.

Every newly married couple wants to hear that their wedding reception was a smash hit months or even years after. Needless-to-say, picking the right Master of Ceremonies will go a long way in accomplishing this. It is a good idea to liaise with your MC with respect to the way you would like the proceedings to flow.

Let your MC know that his written material must coincide with what you want. If you choose a friend or family member as your Wedding MC, he needs to put some time and effort in preparing and planning for the big day.

Once your MC plans, prepares and practices with good, well-written material well in advance, you can be sure that the reception will go smoothly and your guests will have a great time splitting at the seams with tears of laughter.

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